J2-3 # 手動式拉布機 (連電剪刀 )
本機需配合路軌於裁床面行走; 用於將 捲裝 或 匹裝布匹 鬆放及開展於檯面上, 並裝設有 手動式"電剪刀"
於出布位置; 每當本機運行至床尾時, 祗需配合床底預先裝設之供電裝置, 便可立刻進行裁切, 方便快捷! 
本機祗接受訂造, 適用於檯面闊度由 36吋 至 96吋 !!
Used with rail,and stands on cutting bench to spread the cloth on the top, It built with a Cutting mch., and controlled by the manual. When the 
Spreading mch., was running and reached to the end of bench, the Power would came from a Power accessery, which was set up on before and
under the end of rail, to supply the Cutting mch., cutting cloth. Made by order for any widths!
訂價 Price = HKD $14,000.-/ 臺set (包括供電裝置 included with Power accessery)
路軌 Rails = HKD $50.-/ 呎feet
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