H3-1# 狗牙裁布刀
利用槓桿原理設計, 衹需輕考手動操作, 便可切斷織物,
High precise mechanism manufacturing enable even ladies to use with ease.
採用合金鋼刀, 刀長400mm, 可裁厚度15mm, 鋒利快捷,
Blade is made of Alloy Steel and length 400mm.Can cut thickness 15mm.
平台裝有可摺合式加長板, 方便運作及易於收藏, 另
Built with detachable bench for easy working or hiding after use.
"刀墊"印有格線, 以便裁切準確對位,
Printed with Cross lines on "Cutting board",it is good for
easy to cut.
Built with Guide ruler on bench's edge 
for easy to cut in parallel lines or 
square sizes by the side of board.
工作呎碼working size = 87 x 77 x 113cm
工作檯面積bench working area = 30 +56 x 44cm
包裝呎碼packing size = 64 x 77 x 113cm
總重量 G.W. = 40kg
訂價price = HKD 3,900.-/台set
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