J 3# 鐳射定位燈
適用於Used for :
Pattern matching when cutting material, Point out button center on punching,
Indicating hem lineswhen sewing, Finding interlining position on fusing.
中台合資, 品質可靠穩定, 適合各製衣廠選用!! 
Made in CHINA corp.,Taiwan, it be better and stably. Good for Garment Factories use!!
規格 Specification:
形號 形態 光束長 光束闊 光譜 電壓 燈頭呎碼 訂價(港幣)
code outlook laser leigh laser width source's colour voltages sizes of projector prices in HKD
J3-1# 5 x 5cm 0.7mm 紅色red DC 1.5V Ø11 x L34mm $450.00
J3-2# 1 x 1m 1.5mm 紅色red DC 3V Ø13 x L88mm $600.00
J3-3# 1m 1.5mm 紅色red DC 3V Ø13 x L88mm $600.00
J3-4# 4m 2mm 紅色red DC 3V Ø15 x L34mm $800.00
J3-5# 8m 2.5mm 紅色red DC 3V Ø16 x L80mm $1,200.00
J3-6# 12m 3mm 綠色green DC 3V Ø23 x L122mm $1,600.00
備註: 以上報價已包括 AC 220V "變壓器" 在內!
remark: Prices as above are included with " Adaptor " in AC 220V input !
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