J 3# 鐳射定位燈
中台合資, 可靠穩定; 適用於:- Made in CHINA corp.,Taiwan, it be better and stably. Good for:-
1) 裁床對花定位; 1) Pattern matching when cutting,
2) 釘鈕中心對位; 2) Point out button center on punching,
3) 指示車縫位置; 3) Indicating the lines when sewing,
4) 黏朴接合對邊!! 4) Finding interlining position on fusing!!
備註: 以下報價已包括 AC 220V "變壓器" 在內!
remark: Prices as above are included with " Adaptor " in AC 220V input !
形號 形態 光束長 光束粗 光譜 電壓 燈頭呎碼 訂價(港幣)
code outlook laser length laser thickness source's colour voltages sizes of projector prices in HKD
J3-1# 5 x 5cm 0.7mm 紅色red DC 1.5V Ø11 x L34mm $450.00
J3-2# 1 x 1m 1.5mm 紅色red DC 3V Ø13 x L88mm $600.00
J3-3# 1m 1.5mm 紅色red DC 3V Ø13 x L88mm $600.00
J3-4# 4m 1.5mm 紅色red DC 3V Ø15 x L34mm $800.00
J3-5# 8m 2mm 紅色red DC 3V Ø20 x L63mm $1,200.00
J3-6# 12m 2.5mm 綠色green DC 3V Ø23 x L122mm $1,600.00
J3-7# 4 x 4m 1.5mm 紅色red DC 3V Ø32 x L89mm $1,800.00
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