配合裁床使用, 用以輔助細裁, 檯面藏有走珠, 及內置有吹風機, 以增裁切時順暢!( 可另加電子調速器!)
Used for Cloth cutting in Finishing Cut section. Built-in roller and blower on the bench-top to make it easy and fast when cutting!
**( Speed controller available! )
規格 Description
形號 model H7# H7-1#
檯面呎吋 bench top size 120 x 160cm 150 x 180cm
可裁厚度 can cut thickness max = 18cm max = 18cm
運剪刀至弓位闊度 blade to arm width 70cm 90cm
運剪刀呎吋 blade size 0.045 x 1 x 350cm 0.045 x 1 x 386cm
電源及耗電量 power and supply 220V單相 single phase, 930W 220V單相 single phase, 930W
重量 weight NW=265kg GW=310kg NW=285kg GW=330kg
裝箱呎碼 packing size 164 x 172 x 80cm 194 x 180 x 80cm
定價 price HKD$14,000.-/ 台set HKD$15,000.-/ 台set
附加電子調速器 adding speed controller + HKD$3,000.-/套set
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